Feature Coffee: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Right now we’re featuring a single-origin coffee from the very birthplace of coffee. That’s right, the coffee tree is actually native to the highlands of Ethiopia so it’s no surprise that some amazing coffees come from this part of the world

‘Yirgacheffe’ is the region of the country in which it is grown (like saying “hunter valley” for a wine), which is renowned for its clean, fruity, sweet coffees. This particular coffee (roasted by Morgan’s Handcrafted Coffees) is no exception: delivering juicy / sweet citrus / clean flavours as a long black, espresso or plunger coffee – and has a soft / creamy /buttery flavour as a milk coffee.

Ask for it next time you’re in…in the mean time, enjoy this random picture of a giraffe.


One thought on “Feature Coffee: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

  1. hahahahaaaaa the giraffe!!!! Hilarious…Yirgy is quite possibly one of my favorite regions, maybe only behind a good El Salvador. Hope I can get in to have some of its goodness!

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