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One Tree Coffee is a well designed Specialty Coffee Espresso Bar. We Micro-Roast all our own coffee and our Daily Blend is a full bodied selection of beans with a balance of sweetness and rich flavours that can be enjoyed all day long. we also offer a choice of rotating Single Origin coffees that each tell a different story. Baristas here are either winning local coffee competitions or practicing and experimenting for up-coming events. Our coffee knowledge is up to date across all popular brewing methods and we love to chat all things coffee.

Our cafe is your neighborhood coffee destination, with a cult like following, we attract all Novocastrian Coffee Drinkers and visitors to this town make the worthwhile visit. looking forward to your next brew coffee.


One Tree Coffee Roasters

Our approach to Roasting.

Coffee is the roasted seed from the cherry of a tree. This seed is what is referred to as the bean and can be cooked, or roasted, to varying levels. These levels of roast determine very differing results which are acidic, sweet and savoury. Our logic is that coffee is that because coffee comes from a fruit it should taste sweet when brewed.

Arabica or Robusta?

We always use Arabica beans, as you may already know they are more superior in flavour. What you may not be aware of is that there are hundreds of varietals and cultivars of Arabica species.


This is the scientific term of any naturally occurring mutation between two different coffee plants. The result is a new plant with varying characteristics of the two. This newly made varietal can undergo the same process with various coffee plants many times, creating different new plants with shared characteristics every time.


This is the same process as with the varietals but it is intentionally carried out by farmers and laboratories. Cultivars were originally, and for the most part, made to create plants that combined one plants natural resistance to disease with one that naturally produces more fruits. Coffee plants are now being combined specifically to produce new great tasting coffee.


How the farmers remove the cherry flesh from the coffee bean

Plant & Place

So when we talk coffee specifics we get really excited about what type of coffee it is and also what part of the world it comes from. Coffees from East Africa are known for their vibrancy and delicate floral character, this is directly because of the acidic properties in the soil of this part of the world. Coffees from Central and South America are known for their big bass notes. A bean from Brazil is likely to taste rich, full and of dark chocolate, again it is mainly the nutrition that the plant gets from the minerals in the soil it is grown in.

Beyond the sweetness Р

Anything with a sugar base can be caramelised and made to taste sweet. The end part of the roasting process is an incredible series of reactions (around 4000!). It is with a thousand of the reactions were flavour or nuance are determined. Other products that have varying spectrums of flavour and nuance are Tea, wine, cheese, spirits, oysters, beerЙ all of these consumables can taste similarly to something else without having come close to that other thing ever.

Our Food specialities

Banana Bread

OTC Special Cruffins

Gluten & Dairy free desserts

Ham and Cheese Croissant



Smashed Avo



Acaia Scale


EK 43

La Marazocco




Careers occasionally become available at one tree coffee either as a waitstaff or as one of our baristas. If you feel you would like to join one tree coffee either now or in the future, please start by emailing through your CV and a brief cover letter explaining why and we will get back to you.

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